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"The biggest date night of the year is just around the corner & Valentines Day prep is in order"


February 14 – a date we just love to love. Afterall, it’s the biggest date night of the year. Don’t wait until the night before to start your skin and beauty prep. You want to look and feel your best, so give yourself some time to plan like a boss.

Get silky smooth skin

Whether this is a first date, a few dates in or been together a lifetime,  it’s no secret there’s going to be a little or a lot of touchy feely. Exciting, yes, but only if your skin is soft, silky and smooth as. Nobody wants to be touching hands and thighs as rough as sandpaper. What to do? Easy babe. This week, I want you to get naked with my scrubs at least 2-3 times. Massage the scrub all over, concentrating on all rough areas. For best results, you need to chill for a few minutes prior to rinsing to allow your skin to absorb the skin-loving oils. My scrubs will not only buff away dry skin by removing dead skin, but your skin will also feel hydrated, nourished and moisturised.  

Moisturise those lips

What’s valentine’s day without a few pecks or pashes? Your lips need to be ready. Moisturise them over and over for smooth kissable lips. A lip scrub or lip mask is also a great idea to ensure the smoothest, softest lips ever.

Brows on fleek

However you maintain your brows, whether you pluck, wax or thread them, make sure your brow game is on point. Eyebrows play a huge role in shaping your face and perfecting your look, so don’t forget them! You’ll probably want to do them a couple of days out just in case there is some redness.

Nail time

Dirty, unkept nails fingernails have no place on Valentines day. Your nails can say a lot about you. Whether you like to go all out with your nails or keep them short and simple, make sure you head to a manicurist or take some time at home to give them a good file and fresh coat. You’ll be dazzling and feel great!

Fake tan

If you love faking it, go for it babe but you gotta do it right. Let’s be honest, last minute tans are awful. They often end up being uneven, blotchy and just a total mess. And you can’t take it back either. Whether you get your tan done professionally or do it yourself at home, work out when you want it done and schedule it in. Whatever formula tickles your fancy – cream, mousse, spray… just make sure you exfoliate your skin beforehand with my scrubs to ensure an even and smooth application!

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