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Answers for curious babes


What is a Bare Bae e-gift card?

They are like regular gift cards but with more ’e’. Seriously, e-gift cards are special dollars that you give to someone as a gift, which they can use to buy my awesome products on the website.

How long do Bare Bae e-gift cards take to arrive?

1... 2... 3... it's here I am. Check your inbox!

How long do Bare Bae e-gift cards last?

36 months from the date of purchase, but I know it will be used in seconds. All balances carry over for your next purchase if you don't want to spend it all in one go (I doubt that).

Can I get a refund on a Bare Bae e-gift card?

Unfortunately, no. However, if you have any issues with a product you have bought using your e-gift card, please view the Refunds policy.

Are there any fees associated with the Bare Bae e-gift card?

We're not like the banks... just saying! No hidden fees here!

You will only be charged the amount allocated to the e-gift card. ie you have a $50 e-gift card you will have the same amount to spend.

Do Bare Bae e-gift cards work anywhere else? Like Maccas?

How can I redeem a Bare Bae e-gift card online?

Step 1: Have your e-gift card email ready, with your voucher code.

Step 2: Add your products to cart at

Step 3: Enter the voucher code at checkout.

When would the e-gift card I purchased online be sent to the recipient?

The e-gift card will be sent to the lucky bae's inbox as soon as the purchase has been made! Easy peasy!

What if I lose the Bare Bae e-gift card?

If you suspect that someone has copied or stolen your Bare Bae e-gift card, contact Customer Service on immediately. Bare Bae e-gift cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen without the purchaser’s confirmation email as proof of purchase. Bare Bae e-gift cards have cash value and should be safeguarded accordingly.

Bare Bae will not be liable for redeemed e-gift card if they have been stolen. Please do not share your e-gift card number online.

Can I choose the value of a e-gift card I want to purchase?

Yes, you can purchase a $10, $25, $50 or $100 value e-gift card. You can purchase multiple gift cards in one transaction if you’d like the value to be higher.

Can I use e-gift cards and a credit card in the same purchase?

Yes, you don’t have to have the exact amount on your Bare Bae e-gift card. You can make a part payment with your e-gift cards and a credit card in one purchase. Monolopy dollars will not be accepted, however.

Can I use the Bare Bae e-gift card on sales and promotions

It's a free world babe and you can use it any way you please.